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    Patent & Copyrights in IL

    TDIL Programme supports activities related to Research & Development, Proliferation and Standardization of Language Technologies for Indian languages so that advantages of ICT can reach to the common people in their own languages, without language barrier. Its objectives include development of Information Processing Tools and Techniques to facilitate human-machine interaction; creating and accessing multilingual knowledge resources and integrating them to develop innovative user products and services.

    Under the TDIL Programme, many mission mode projects are being implemented in consortium approach at many academic institutions, R&D organizations and IT industry to widen the arena of Indian languages on computers.

    Various technologies/ language resources/ functional modules and tools are being developed under these projects. TDIL Programme is also providing support in filling Copyright & Patent Applications for all these developments. A number of copyright applications for various software have been submitted to Copyright Office, Govt of India. The subject title and their present status is presented here for easy reference.

    List of Copyright & Patent Applications