Handwritten Recognition System Demo - Get Your Handwritten Hindi or Tamil Input Converted into Digital Text.
A smart input panel for text input in Hindi or Tamil into any application, form or web browsing by handwriting. All you need to do is to download the input panel and install it on your system, preferably with a writing stylus (electronic pen) [or you need to write with your finger - Hindi or Tamil Character on your touch sensitive screen].
Try out the Handwriting input panel to fill up the form below. ** Make sure you follow all the steps to access this feature.

Please download Hindi / Tamil Smart Input Panel.

Steps to Install and Use

  1. Download Smart Input Panel from above links.

  2. To install, double-click the Smart Input icon and follow the instructions on screen.

  3. To use,place cursor on text box then open smart input panel and write word in orange panel then click insert text.

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Disclaimer: This page is provided for demonstration and user feedback only. System accuracy depends on your stroke order and the way you draw the character so result may not always be accurate. This system is undergoing continued development to improve its efficiency and capabilities.