Devanagari fonts

Dear Sir / Madam - My name is Ram Anantha and I use the Devanagari font "Mangal" that comes standard with Windows 7. I have the need to type veda mantras and found that the fond "Mangal" provided by Microsoft does not have all the characters (example, the Deerga Svaritam character represented by Unicode Hex 1CDA). I have been using the font GIST-SDOTDhruv. However, this font also does not contain the Deerga Svaritam character. I am currently having to use the font "Siddhanta" which prints the deerga svaritam correctly. Is there a font that is published by the Govt of India or CDAC that resolves the issues that I have mentioned above? And also contains all the characters mentioned in the unicode specifications below: The detailed issue description is in the attachment. Thanks, Ram
Operating System : Windows 7    OS Service Pack : SP1    Browser & version : N/A    Service : Microsoft Word   

reported by Ram Anantha on date August 8, 2013

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