Manthan Award South Asia & Asia Pacific 2012 Finalist - Development of Tools Technologies & Resources for North East Languages

December 3, 2012

Category: e-Localisation

As the title of the project states the initiative visualized the project as one to nurture and protect the major languages of the North-East via computerized technology to ensure that these languages and the populations of the geo-linguistic region in question gain their rightful place on the digital map.

The project was conducted under the aegis of the Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India in partnership with different Universities such as Guwahati University, North Bengal University and Manipur University.

The Project's main objective was to work hand-in-hand with our partners and acquaint them with tools for development of grass-roots technologies to ensure sustained growth of these languages on the digital medium.

To  Ensure localization, CLDR's for these languages where devised so that operating systems could be localized in these languages. Web-pages made in these languages need to be W3C compliant. Once these grass roots are created,the main task was that of development of linguistic Resources in the form of the development of MAT dictionaries for eventual machine translation along with the installment of a spell-checker.