Unicode Text Rendering Reference System

UTRRS is an Web Based Application has been developed under Red Hat Supervision as an internal Project, to compare a reference image of a text character, word or phrase with another image of the character, word or phrase that was rendered by a text rendering engine. Differences between the reference image and the rendered image may be recorded for subsequent analysis. Performance of a text rendering engine producing text according to typographical rules applicable to a natural language can be evaluated by one with no knowledge or ability to read the natural language. This Application relates to internationalization of computer interfaces. More specifically, the Application relates to testing complex text layout ("CTL") rendering systems. A system to test complex text layout ("CTL") rendering engines. The system may be used to assist a human in performing a series of tests, or it may be used to automatically test rendering engines and flag characters and character sequences that may have been rendered incorrectly.

This Application Test for the Codepoints (Unicode Character set), GSUB and GPOS (Composed characters, that built with the combination of more than two codepoints in Indic Scripts)

History of This Project :

  1. This Project had been commenced in September 2006 Under Red Hat Supervision.
  2. Primarily only 5 Indic Locales had been selected to proceed with.
  3. First development started with Codepoints of 5 Major Locales.
  4. Glyph Substitution(GSUB) and Glyph Positioning(GPOS) had been included in the subsequent development phases.
  5. Rest of the 8 Indic Languages had been covered under this project gradually.
  6. The task of showcasing total set of 13 Indic Locales with set of Codepoints, GSUB and GPOS presented for the first time within an year, July 2007.
  7. The huge database of Reference Images, had been programmatically cropped and given an unique name with its unicode value or combinations of unicode values.

Future Road map :

  1. Enhancement of Test Coverage by adding more sequences from Corpus.
  2. Unicode 5.2 Compatibility to be provided soon.
  3. Apply the Digitized Script Grammar on rest of the Languages, currently exist in UTRRS System.
  4. Implement the 3-Tier Architecture support for UTRRS with proper business logic layer in place.
  5. Enhancement of Language Coverage for rest of the 9 Official Indian Languages, which will empower UTRRS with total 22 Official Indic Language Support.
  6. Implement the Advance Search option with optimum sorting feature in place.
  7. Implement the Run-time Font Change option to provide the users more flexibility in using test cases across different fonts.
  8. Implement the validation of text(line/word) rendering with the dynamic reference image generation from database for input text.
  9. To add the Language Community Feedback (Users and Testers) with valid Authorization Criteria in place.
  10. Generation of custom images on User System for better Feedback.

Some Information :

  1. UTRRS Application currently covering 13 Indic Languages with the Test Coverage of approximately 7,000 Test cases and Standard Reference Images.
  2. The Characters and Characters combination for Hindi(hi_IN) has been implemented digitizing the Script Grammar published by Government of India, for IDN.
  3. All the Reference Images for the Codepoints (Letters, Signs and Numeric) shown in this system are as per the Unicode Standard.
  4. Currently UTRRS following the Unicode-5.1 Standard.
  5. All the Composed Character Sequences (Syllables) has been validated by respective Red Hat Language Maintainers.
  6. UTRRS Project is released under MIT Open Source License.
  7. You can checkout the source code from our git repo, using : git clone http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/utrrs.git/