Unicode/UTF-8 Text Input

TTS Applications

Sandesh Pathak:
Sandesh Pathak is an Indian language SMS Reader. It captures incoming sms and reads it aloud. Currently it supports 5 Indian languages, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati. There are options to select language and select speed of voice (normal, slow, slower, fast, faster). User may adjust the speed of voice as per suitability.Download

Browser Plug-ins:
Text to speech Indian language browser plug-in, gives the power of speech to browser. During net surfing user selects some text on the browser and press a particular command, system then starts speaking the selected text. It makes surfing the web and reading emails easier. It specifically helps persons with dyslexia and persons who understand the language but cannot read the script or are not convenient with the script of that language.
Download for Firefox
Download for Chrome