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    Morphological analyzer


    Morphology is the part of linguistics that deals with the study of words, their internal structure and partially their meanings. It refers to identification of a word stem from a full word form. A morpheme in morphology is the smallest units that carry meaning and fulfill some grammatical function.

    Morphological analysis

    Morphological Analysis is the process of providing grammatical information of a word given its suffix.


    There are three principal approaches to morphology, which each try to capture the distinctions above in different ways. These are,

    • Morpheme-based morphology also known as Item-and-Arrangement approach.

    • Lexeme-based morphology also known as Item-and-Process approach.

    • Word-based morphology also known as Word-and-Paradigm approach.

    Morphological Analyzer

    A morphological analyzer is a program for analyzing the morphology of an input word, it detects morphemes of any text. Presently we are referring to two types of morph analyzers for Indian languages: 1. Phrase level Morph Analyzer 2. Word level Morph Analyzer

    Role of TDIL

    Morphological analyzer is developed for some Indian languages under Machine Translation project of TDIL.