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Patent Analysis Management System

With the growth of the IT industry as well as other technical sectors an urgent need is felt to protect the IPR generated out in India. Scientists and scholars alike need to be able to protect their ideas and ensure that their Intellectual property is protected.

It is to fill this very important void that the Patent Analysis Management System has been conceived and designed. It is specially targeted for SME sector for sharing/dissemination of knowledge to the concerned/interested parties on analysis of Indian ICT patents and protection of Indian Information and communication technologies Indian patents. Also, it creates awareness in the IPR Domain which is necessary for any country & its R&D institutions to keep abreast of latest developments / happenings so as to create a niche for itself in various technological fields.

In a nutshell, this portal provides all the means to keep watch on IP search which is required not only to generate unique IP but also to ensure avoidance of infringement by it and also take necessary actions to prevent/minimize or curb violation of its IP by others.

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