Application Showcase

Under TDIL Programme of MeitY, technology Development for Indian Languages has the objective of developing Information Processing Tools and Techniques to facilitate human-machine interaction without language barrier; have reached such a platform through its various projects, where it has a potential to generate utility applications, benefiting the masses, which will enable people to access and use IT solutions in their own language.

Machine translation and other functional applications has claimed attention from some of the inquisitive minds in linguistics, philosophy, computer science, and mathematics, to reach out to the common man across various sections. With the development of such applications we can seek the attention of not only common man but the rural population as well. The applications developed under the consortia projects of TDIL, MeitY are:

Online Sanskrit Tools
Sanskrit Hindi Machine Translation - Anusaaraka
Sanskrit E-learning & Multimedia
Text To Speech
Anuvadaksh (English to Indian Language Machine Translation System)
English to Indian Languages Machine Translation through Angla -Bharti Technology
Sampark: Indian Language to Indian Language Machine Translation
Online Hindi Wordnet
Glossary Updation Tool / Terminology Bank