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Dictionaries contribute as major databases for various activities. They are rich source of words and synonyms, which is highly required for tools and applications running on corpus.

The dictionary content can be expressed in any/many concrete formats and is not bound to a particular technology. In creating a dictionary the data model must be adequate to represent the particular subject matter. It must also be accessible to real users in that it must be easy to understand and extend, and it needs to be supportable with reusable software tools.

India is rich in Languages. And with the spread of internet in India, it is required to make internet rich of Indian Languages so that it can reach to masses. Many language experts are putting their best efforts to make their knowledge available to the IT world. Online Dictionary is language-oriented software for the retrieval of lexical entries from monolingual and bilingual dictionaries by many users simultaneously.

Role of TDIL

TDIL Programme of MeitY is actively participating in development of dictionaries for various domains and languages.