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This paper explores the modeling of prosody parameters for improving naturalness of
Tamil speech synthesis, by studying recorded utterances of speech with and without explicit
emotions. To begin with, we look at interrogative and exclamatory Tamil sentences. Prosody
parameters namely, pitch contour, energy and duration of each word in the sentences were
observed, analyzed and generalized from the un‐intonated and intonated, interrogative and
exclamatory human speech. Differences in energy level were also analyzed between the two
sets of utterances in three different frequency bands. Pitch is by modified in the LP residual
domain using DCT. Energy is modified by multiplying the signal by the hypothesized factor and
duration is modified as per the duration model by duplicating or removing integer number of
pitch periods as necessary. The model was implemented on speech synthesized from
Thirukkural TTS, developed by MILE LAB, and the results were found to be satisfactory.

Added on August 13, 2013


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  • Product Type : Research Paper
  • License Type : Freeware
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  • Author : A G Ramakrishnan and Lakshmi Chithambaran#
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