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India continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing telecommunications market
due to a progressive regulatory regime , huge capital outlays for network expansion
by operators , reductions in tariffs and cost of handsets. For the India mobile market
,voice services constitute nearly 88 percent of the total revenue. For non-voice or
data services which include SMS, Internet browsing and multimedia, year-on –year
growth was 33 percent over 2008. Mobile media has increasingly becoming the
preferred medium of communication. Accessing internet through mobile is seen as
the future, hence enabling Indian languages on the mobile with parallel efforts
enhancing the languages content on the web coupled by the development of various
standards supporting these initiatives and our participation in such a global platforms
is the ultimate long term goal. Interoperability is the key issue so that the
dissemination of multilingual news and information can be handled seamlessly across
service providers and variety of mobile available in the market. Perceiving the
cellular phone to be the agent of change for inclusive growth, the challenge lies in
enhancing the variety of the mobile applications and their localization, which in turn
will accelerate the growth of mobile business in the country.

Added on May 7, 2012


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  • Author : Swaran Lata , Somnath Chandra , Prashant Verma
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