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The paper is an attempt towards developing pronunciation lexicon for the Punjabi language. Punjabi belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch
of the Indo-European family of languages but is unique due to its tonal characteristics. Scandinavian and Lithuanian languages among
Indo-European family exhibit similar traits. Among Indo-Aryan languages, tonal feature of Punjabi makes it phonetically complex.
The major hurdle in creating PLS for Punjabi is to capture the pronunciation nuances as properly understood by a native speaker. The
web content in Punjabi is scarce and is mostly non-standard and using proprietary fonts. Awareness about Unicode and IPA is very
limited among the print media and the public. Hence in spite of being spoken by a very large number of speakers (approx 30 million
in India as per 2011 census) it can still be called as less-resource language (LRL) on account of non-availability of electronic
resources. The negligible work available with respect to phonetic resources makes it even more less resourced language from the PLS

Added on May 3, 2012


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  • Author : Swaran Lata
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