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BIS standard "IS 16333 (Part 3)" defines the requirements for mobile handset for inputting of text in English, Hindi and at least one additional official Indian language along with facility of message readability in the phones for all 22 Indian official languages. So to help the mobile manufacturer in the internal verification and to check the effectiveness of language support, TDIL along with CDAC-GIST have prepared a robust test data covering relevant language Consonant (C), Vowels (V), Numerals (N), Matras(M), Halant (H), Diacritic(D), combinations of C, V, N, M, H, D along with word list and sentences. Test data, thus created can be used to test the inputting and display on the mobile handsets.
For best view download SakalBharati Font.

Added on July 27, 2018


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  • Contributed by : CDAC- GIST, TDIL
  • Product Type : Linguistic Resources
  • License Type : Freeware
  • System Requirement : Not Applicable
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