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Marathi treebank data is in Shakti Standard Format (SSF). SSF is a common representation for data. SSF allows information in a sentence to be represented in the form of one or more trees together with a set of attribute-value pairs with nodes of the trees. The attribute-value pairs allow features or properties to be specified with every node. Sentence level SSF is used to store the analysis of a sentence. It occurs as part of text level SSF. The analysis of a sentence may mark any or all of the following kinds of information as appropriate: part of speech of the words in the sentence; morphological analysis of the words including properties such as root, gender, number, person, tense, aspect, modality; phrase-structure or dependency structure of the sentence; and properties of units such as chunks, phrases, local word groups, tags, etc. SSF is theory neutral and allows both phrase structure as well as dependency structure to be coded, and even mixed in well defined ways. The SSF representation for a sentence consists of a sequence of trees. Each tree is made up of one or more related nodes. Total size of the Marathi tree bank corpus is 10852
monolingual sentence ids ,3450 parallel sentence ids and approx. 380 verb frames.
Following supporting documents are provided:
1. Marathi POS Tag set
2. Marathi_Morph Guidelines
3. Guidelines for Marathi Verb frames
4.Dependency -Marathi

Tags: TreeBank, Marathi treebank, Treebank Corpus, Tree bank Data

Added on February 27, 2018


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  • Contributed by : IL dependency tree bank, IIIT Hyderabad
  • Product Type : Text Corpora
  • License Type : Research
  • System Requirement : Not Applicable
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