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Research in the field of recognizing unlimited vocabulary, online handwritten Indic words is still in its infancy. Most of the focus so far has been in the area of isolated character recognition. In the context of lexicon-free recognition of words, one of the primary issues to be addressed is that of segmentation. As a preliminary attempt, this paper proposes a novel script-independent, lexicon free method for segmenting online handwritten words to their constituent symbols. Feedback strategies, inspired from neuroscience studies, are proposed for improving the segmentation. The segmentation strategy has been tested on an exhaustive set of 10000 Tamil words collected from a large number of writers. The results show that better segmentation improves the overall recognition
performance of the handwriting system.

Added on September 6, 2017


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  • Contributed by : OHWR Consortium
  • Product Type : Research Paper
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  • Author : Suresh Sundaram, A G Ramakrishnan
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