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The authors present the evaluation of the Anuvadaksh English to Odia Machine Translation System which has been developed by the Applied Artificial Intelligence Group (AAI-G) of C-DAC, Pune
applying the MANTRA Technology from English to eight Indian Languages in EILMT (EnglishIndian
Languages Machine Translation) Consortium, under the TDIL (Technology Development for Indian Languages), Deity (Dept. of Electronics and Information Technology), Government of
India. In this study, a 1k ILCI English sentence corpus has been used from the domain of health as
input to evaluate the web-based system output in Odia. For evaluating the output qualitatively, the
Inter-translator Agreement of three human evaluators with scores on the five point scale has been taken into consideration. The scores have been calculated by the Fleiss‟ Kappa statistics in terms of reliability and adequacy on the basis of which linguistic error analysis and suggestions for
improvement have been provided. The Kappa scores for reliability and adequacy are 0.30 and 0.28
respectively which refer to the fact that both are fair.

Added on June 8, 2016


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  • Author : Pitambar Behera, Renu Singh and Girish Nath Jha
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