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Localization Project Management System (LPMS) is a web based platform for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), who cannot afford to purchase high-end systems for their day to day localization requirements.It is “One for All” solution, which will bring all the translators, evaluators, proof-readers,reviewers, localization professionals, linguists and computation experts on the single platform.One of the main objectives of this system is to provide system for daily localization requirements.

The LPMS consists of workflow which includes publishing documents for localization, managing the localization project(s), translators and reviewer’s dashboard, offline translators workbench and others

Following are the modules in LPMS: -

Publisher/Client – One who is responsible for publishing the localization jobs to the online community of volunteers (project managers, translators & reviewers) for full-filling his/her localization needs.

Project Manager – One who is responsible for managing the localization job on behalf of client/publisher and keeps the track of its progress for both translation & review cycles.

Translator – One who participate into job translation cycle and is responsible for providing the translations for community jobs.

Reviewer – One who participate into job review cycle and is responsible for validating & reviewing the translations done by translator.

Added on July 28, 2015


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  • Contributed by : NROP-II (C-DAC, GIST)
  • Product Type : Tool
  • License Type : Freeware
  • System Requirement : Windows
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