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Feature extraction in bilingual OCR is handicapped by the increase in the number of classes or characters to be handled. This is evident in the case of Indian languages whose alphabet set is quite huge. It is expected that the complexity of the feature extraction process increases with the number of classes. Though the determination of the best set of features that could be used cannot be ascertained through any quantitative measures, the characteristics of some of the features can help decide on the feature extraction procedure. This paper describes a hierarchical feature extraction scheme for recognition of printed Tamil and Roman scripts. The scheme divides the alphabet set of both the scripts into subsets by the extraction of certain spatial and structural features. Three features viz geometric moments, DCT based features and Wavelet transform based features are extracted from the grouped symbols and a linear transformation is performed on them for the purpose efficient representation in the feature space. The transformation is obtained by the maximization of certain criterion functions. Three techniques : Principal component analysis, maximization of Fisher’s ratio and maximization of divergence measure have been employed to estimate the transformation matrix.
It has been observed that the proposed hierarchical scheme allows for easier handling of the alphabets and there is an appreciable rise in the recognition accuracy as a result of the transformation.

Added on September 23, 2014


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  • Product Type : Research Paper
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  • Author : D. Dhanya , A. G. Ramakrishnan
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