Tools and Technologies for Digital Publishing

Apart from Digital Publishing Suite software, there are various free Indian Language tools and technologies which can be used by Digital Publications Industry for creating eBooks and ePublications in local Languages.  

Unicode typing tool (with prediction):This is typing software, which enables typing of Indian Languages in editors of Windows based applications with Unicode compliant fontClick here to download

Linguistic Translator workbench: A powerful and easy to use translation editor equipped with built-in translation assets like Prediction engine, Named Entity Identification and Tagging, Transliteration, Translation Memories, Glossary, WordNet to name a few. This makes the translation process simple and reduces the time for doing the actual translationClick here to download

Go-Translate (Surface localisation Plugin): Go-Translate Plugin is chrome based extension for website translation. Using this plugin portal can be translated automatically / on the fly to Indian Languages.Click here to download

Other Useful tools:

Ø  TTS Add-in for LibreOffice

Ø  Joomla Go-Translate CMS Plugin

Ø  Sakal Bharati (OTF Font)

Ø  C-DAC GIST Data Converter

Due to the wide variety of standards for eBooks and ePublications, there are quite a large number of software suites and workflow solutions to create these Book formats.  A summary of the main software solutions are given below:

·         Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – Licensed

·         Adobe Indesign - Licensed

·         Quark Xpress Digital Publishing Suite – Licensed

·         Calibre eBook creation suite – Open Source

·         Librios Digital Publishing Suite – Licensed

·         KindleGen Software – Creator for Amazon Books , Licensed

·         Baker framework – Open Source HTML5 eBook creation Software

·         Laker Framework – Open Source HTML5 eBook creation software

·         Circularflo Fixed Layout ePub Software – Licensed

·         Flipping Book creation software – From many sources

            ·         Adobe Acrobat Professional – Licensed