Tools and Technologies for Digital Publishing

Due to the wide variety of standards for eBooks and ePublications, there are quite a large number of software suites and workflow solutions to create these Book formats.

 A summary of the main software solutions are given below:

·         Adobe Digital Publishing Suite - Licensed

·         Adobe Indesign ( included in the Publishing Suite which is a workflow software for publishing companies that want to unify their print and digital publication creation process ) - Licensed

·         Quark Xpress Digital Publishing Suite – Licensed

·         Calibre eBook creation suite – Open Source

·         Librios Digital Publishing Suite – Licensed

·         KindleGen Software – Creator for Amazon Books , Licensed

·         Baker framework – Open Source HTML5 eBook creation Software

·         Laker Framework – Open Source HTML5 eBook creation software

·         Circularflo Fixed Layout ePub Software – Licensed

·         Flipping Book creation software – From many sources

·         Adobe Acrobat Professional – Licensed

      ·         Proprietary eBook Creation Solutions