Digital Publishing


It is also known as electronic publishing or e-publishing which involves dissiminating information,literature or entertainment by digital means.In other words, producing and distributing traditionally printed materials in an electronic form. Under digital publishing one can create interactive and engaging digital magazine, e-catalog, e-books, customer communications, digital newsletters, digital brochures, digital flyers, training manuals, marketing material and much more!. 

These digital media can appear in a variety of formats. E-books, for instance, can be published for the Kindle e-reader and tablet market, ePub, and iBooks for Apple devices. Mobile apps can be created for a variety of operating systems, including Android, Blackberry, and iOS.

Electronic publishing has various advantages :

- low costs are involved - as compared to handing in printed copies or the publication with a publishing house. It is profitable alternative to printing publication.

- digital publications can reach directly to target audience because of the rapid spread of the Internet, and of course, some economically viable publishing tools can let you make your digital publications at a reasonable cost.

- Storage is a great advantage to this form of publishing.Unlimited space on the internet makes it easy for publisher to maintain files.

- The power of multimedia can be included in electronic publishing. Multimedia elements such as graphics, animation, audio, short video clips, music or photos raise the quality of electronic publication and highlight the textual content more effectively. These elements also increase the reading experience.

- The publication can be packaged and distributed in more than one format.

- It allow easy search of documents and thus reduces users search time.

- Accessible to all users regardless of geographic location.