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This information is for users to guide them step-by-step through all the features portal has to offer.

New portal aims at providing easier access to Indian language tools ,language technologies, linguistic resources,standards etc.

Main features of the portal:

  • Nation Repository of Indian Language linguistic resources, applications, language technologies, fonts, dictionaries & tools.
  • Facet Search for quick search on the portal.
  • Indian Language Expert Community
  • Latest Upcoming Language Technology Events
  • Contribute to Language Technology
  • Knowledge Base for Researchers /Academia
  • Portal Statistic Dashboard
  • Feedback

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Follow the steps below shown in the figure.

TDIL-DC upload Process

This Portal Search has two main components:

1. Global Search using Sticky Search Bar : It is located on the center of portal sticky top menu. To search ,type the word, phrase, or resource name you’re looking for & click go button.

2. Facet Search: Quick way to browse and drill-down through portal's resources & tools. It allow user to access information based upon classification. The defined facets will allow the user to filter data.

Steps to use Facet Search
  1. Go to left side of top menu bar & click Download button or Click here. This click will take you to the search page.
  2. Now on the left portion of search page,you will find three types of search options.
2.1 Search By Keyword: Fully-featured search box with typeahead (suggest or autocomplete) which allow user to search by author,title or any keyword. Enter specific keywords that you want to search into the search text box labeled "search." As you search, Box will provide you a list of suggested results in a drop down menu. For example, you want to search Indian Language typing tool type "typing tool" keyword in the search text box.
You find a displays suggestions box as you type as show in the picture below. Now press filter button to find the matched result. You’ll see a page with results on the right and potential matches in yellow & collection of facets on the left.

TDIL-DC Resource Facet Search

2.2 Search By License Type: There is a option to filter resources by license type.The portal has three types of license i.e freeware,shareware,research.

  1. Select your license type
  2. Press "Filter" to find the resources under particular selected license type. TDIL-DC Resource Search by License


2.3 Search By Category : Well-defined category of resources to make search more accurate and fast. This feature allow to search resources by category.

Here’s a look at it in action

TDIL-DC Resource Search by Category

Note: Simply click the (-) before each tag name to remove it, or click the clear button to clear the entire search.

The information provided by this Web site is available in various formats, such as Portable Document Format (PDF), Word, and also in html format. To view the information properly, your browser need to have the required plug-ins or software. For example, the pdf reader software is required to view the pdf format document. In case your system does not have this software, you can download it from the Internet for free. The table lists the required plug-ins needed to view the information in various file formats.

Document TypePlug-in for Download
Portable Document Format (PDF) files PDF icon Adobe Acrobat Reader
Convert a PDF file online into HTML or text format
Word files word icon Word Viewer (in any version till 2003)
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word (for 2007 version)
Excel files excel icon Excel Viewer 2003 (in any version till 2003)
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Excel (for 2007 version)
PowerPoint presentations PPT icon PowerPoint Viewer 2003 (in any version till 2003)
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for PowerPoint (for 2007 version)
Flash content Flash icon Adobe Flash Player