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Address Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology, NPT – MCET Campus, Udumalai Road, Pollachi
Contact No 4259236030
E-mail directorac@drmcet.ac.in
Area of Interest 1. Web Mining 2. Natural Language Processing 3. Computer Networks
Domain of Expertise Research Areas
Experience 10 year
Qualification ME
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 8 June, 2016
Mrs. Jayashree Rajesh Prasad
Address H2/UG3, Manikmoti appartment, Katraj Chauk, Pune.
Contact No 9890202229
E-mail vaishali_prasad@yahoo.com
Area of Interest Pattern Recognition, Image processing, Soft Computing techniques
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Application Showcase
Experience 17 years 03 months
Qualification Ph.D Pursuing
Contribution Hybrid Pattern recognition system with weighted k-nn and a novel distance measure
Last Updated on : 27 September, 2013
Mr. Ramprasad NNR
Address TDIL Group, IIITA - 520002
Contact No 9243028304
E-mail nnr.ramprasad@gmail.com
Area of Interest Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Networking, Data Structures
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools, IPR
Experience 2 Years
Qualification BTech
Contribution 1. Linguistic Resource Management Tool development. 2. Chunker and POS tagger quality improvement.
  • Paper not found on this portal
Mr. Parmatma Yadav
Address SRK Pondicherry university-605014
Contact No 8012187483
E-mail parammtech@gmail.com
Area of Interest Information Retrieval,Multilingual Inforamtion Retrieval,NLP,Semantic Web Mining
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience Pursuing Mtech
Qualification MTech Pursuing
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 30 September, 2013
Address Flat no. 8A, Building 15, Banabithi, Tapoban City Complex, Bamunara, Muchipara, Durgapur-713212.
Contact No 9547364127
E-mail mpakrashi1@gmail.com
Area of Interest Speech processing in Bangla
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience PHD Scholar
Qualification Ph.D Pursuing
Contribution BANDER
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 1 November, 2018