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Mr. Prateek Ameta
Address xxxxxxxxxx
Contact No xxxxxxxxxx
E-mail prateekameta@gmail.com
Area of Interest Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 1.5 years
Qualification BTech
Contribution Word Ranking Module, Cue phrase analysis and Smoothing POS tagger
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 11 November, 2011
Dr. Anil Kumar Vuppala
Address A12, Anand Nivas, Faculty quarters, IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli
Contact No 8500727346
E-mail anil.vuppala@gmail.com
Area of Interest Speech processing, speech recognition, speaker recognition, emotion recognition and language identification.
Domain of Expertise Research Areas
Experience 7 years
Qualification Ph.D
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 13 October, 2018
Mrs. Iti Mathur
Address Department of Computer Science,Apaji Institute, Banasthali University,Rajasthan, Banasthali, 304022
Contact No 09785377807
E-mail mathur_iti@rediffmail.com
Area of Interest Machine Translation, Information Retrieval, Ontologies
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Application Showcase
Experience 6 years
Qualification M.Phil.
Contribution We at Banasthali University, developed the English to Hindi Parallel Corpus, where we collected 16,000 sentence in tourism domain and 6,000 sentence in Health Domain. We also developed an MT Evaluation Suite which performs subjective human evaluation and automatic evaluation of the engine output based on different automatic evaluation metrics.
  • Paper not found on this portal
Mr. Susanta Kumar Sarangi
Address 149/2727, Bhoi sahi, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar
Contact No 9937137680
E-mail susantasarangi@gmail.com
Area of Interest Speech signal processing
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 11 years
Qualification MTech
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 6 July, 2015
Mr. Ankit Chauhan
Address TDIL Group, IIIT A
Contact No 8826483235
E-mail ankit.c7@gmail.com
Area of Interest Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Technology Handshake
Experience 2.5 Years
Qualification BTech
Contribution Morph Synthesizer
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 24 November, 2010