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Mr. Nisheeth Joshi
Address Department of Computer Science,Apaji Institute, Banasthali University,Rajasthan, Banasthali, 304022
Contact No 09414277014
E-mail nisheeth.joshi@rediffmail.com
Area of Interest Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Application Showcase
Experience 6 years
Qualification MTech
Contribution We at Banasthali University, developed the English to Hindi Parallel Corpus, where we collected 16,000 sentence in tourism domain and 6,000 sentence in Health Domain. We also developed an MT Evaluation Suite which performs subjective human evaluation and automatic evaluation of the engine output based on different automatic evaluation metrics.
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Mr. Tanik Saikh
Address Vill-Mehidnagar, P.O-Gonpur, P.SMayureswar, Dist-Birbhum,West Bengal,PIN- 731216(JU)
Contact No 9831149864
E-mail tanik4u@gmail.com
Area of Interest Natural Languages Processing
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 3 Years 5 Months
Qualification BTech
Contribution Jadavpur University was a language vertical member in the ILMT consortia. We have created 14K Hindi-Bengali synsets, 140 Hindi-Bengali Function-Word synsets, 170 Hindi-Bengali verb synset and these synsets are cross-linked. Tourism corpus (44K) collected and annotated. Gold standard data has been created and evaluated with the help of evaluation software
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 10 November, 2010
Mr. Nikunj Yadav
Address 34/23 Pratap Nagar Sanganer Jaipur-302033
Contact No 8088439430
E-mail nikunjyadav89@gmail.com
Area of Interest Algorithms, Probabilistic Techniques
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 1.5 years
Qualification BTech
Contribution Tree Adjoining grammer O(n) parser for English to Urdu, 1. Research paper on “Semantic Document Classification and Keyword Spotting in Digital Repositories”, Nikunj Yadav, Yanu Gupta, Manish Kumar and Ratna Sanyal, The International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES’09), Lyon/France, October 27 – 30, 2009
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Last Updated on : 11 November, 2011
Mr. Deepak Acharya
Address 34/131 Bharani colony sainikpuri
Contact No 9704711495
E-mail dpkacha@gmail.com
Area of Interest Sanskrit Linguist
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 3 years
Qualification Ph.D
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 17 November, 2012
Dr. Aparupa Dasgupta
Address Kundan Estate, C1-403, Pimple Saudagar, Rakshak Chowk, Aundh, Annexe, Pune-411027, Maharashtra India
Contact No 9890494207
E-mail aparupa@cdac.in
Area of Interest Computational Linguistics & Machine Translation
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 12 Years
Qualification Ph.D
Contribution Published papers on Bangla-Hindi Bilingual Electronic Lexicon for Bangla Anusaaraka, A Pan-Indian Perspective in Machine Translation, Morphological Analysis of Bangla, Part of Speech Tagging: A Hybrid Approach.
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 3 November, 2011