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Mr. Diwakar Mani
Address MM Lab, AAIG, CDAC, Pune
Contact No 020-25503318
E-mail diwakarm@cdac.in; diwakarmani@gmail.com
Area of Interest Computational Linguistics, Computational Lexicography, Machine Translation, e-learning, Localization, web based technologies, RDBMS techniques, Sanskrit and Hindi linguistics.
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Technology Handshake
Experience 3.5 Years
Qualification M.Phil.
Contribution Enriching lexical resources for E-Mahashabdakosh; associated with development of “Online Multilingual Amarakosha"; developed "Online Mahabharata Indexer" during M.Phil and also worked for developing "Indexing System for Mainstream Texts (Vedanata)"; contribution in Sanskrit Open-Office Localization; evaluated Testing Version of Windows Vista Hindi Operating System and critically evaluated technical Hindi words and sentences of MS-Word for Microsoft India.
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Mr. Vidya Nand
Address TDIL Group, IIIT Allahabad
Contact No 9980426026
E-mail vidya032@gmail.com
Area of Interest NLP, Data base, Algorithms
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools, Application Showcase
Experience 2 Years
Qualification BTech
Contribution Morph Analyzer
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Last Updated on : 24 November, 2010
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh
Address A-3, 105, LTRC, IIIT, Gachibowli
Contact No 9391351635
E-mail aiklavya@gmail.com
Area of Interest Linguistic similarity in the broadest sense, computational modeling of scripts, computational phonology and morphology, modeling and processing of temporal information in Natural Languages (NLs), statistical NLP (especially SMT), machine translation, information retrieval and extraction (on unstructured and structured data), semantic web, annotation, corpus linguistics and, last but not the least, NL engineering.
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Validators / Localization Tools, Application Showcase
Experience 17 yrs (7 in NLP/CL)
Qualification Ph.D
Contribution Initiated and developed an open source platform called Sanchay. Designed a new query language for language resources. A study of linguistic similarity from the computational point of view (PhD thesis topic). Proposed a Computational Phonetic Model of Scripts (CPMS). Proposed a few similarity and association measures. Have been involved in the language resource development. Played the primary role in developing offline and online word games for Indian languages for Outbox Edutainment Pvt. Worked on several other NLP/CL problems with results that could be published.
Last Updated on : 12 July, 2010
Mr. Ayan Das
Address Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal
Contact No 9831403301
E-mail ayandas84@gmail.com
Area of Interest Natural Language processing
Domain of Expertise Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 2 year 5 Months
Qualification MTech
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Last Updated on : 17 December, 2019
Mr. Nirmesh Jayeshkumar Shah
Address E-214, Hall of Residence, Men, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar-382007
Contact No xxxxxxxxxx
E-mail nirmesh_shah@daiict.ac.in
Area of Interest Voice Conversion, Speech Synthesis, Machine Learning, Statistics
Domain of Expertise Research Areas
Experience 3 Years
Qualification MTech
Contribution Understanding and development of Gujarati HTS system development and explored the effectiveness of DAEM algorithm
  • Paper not found on this portal
Last Updated on : 18 May, 2015