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Mr. Thennarasu Sakkan
Address School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad,500046
Contact No 9949117047
E-mail thennarasuse@gmail.com
Area of Interest Machine Translation
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools
Experience 2 Years
Qualification Ph.D
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Last Updated on : 10 November, 2010
Address C-DAC R&D, Pune
Contact No xxxxxxxxxx
E-mail atiurk@cdac.in
Area of Interest Corpus Linguistics, Computational Grammar for Spellchecker; Morphology and Sociolinguistics; Online Language Pedagogy; Online Lexicography; Endangered Languages Language Convergence and Death.
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools
Others Spellchecker and Corpus Linguistics
Experience 7.5 years
Qualification MA
Contribution Online Language Teaching Programme & Language Games for CIIL, Mysore; Grammar for Spellchecker ; Corpus Creation and Maintainance; Research Papers on lexicography and NLP.
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Address DeitY, 6 CGO Complex, Lodi road, New Delhi
Contact No 1124363525
E-mail slata@mit.gov.in
Area of Interest Human language computing & localization
Domain of Expertise Standardization, Research Areas, Linguistic Resources & Tools, Validators / Localization Tools, Application Showcase, IPR, Technology Handshake
Experience 19 years
Qualification MTech
Contribution Ms. Swaran Lata, Senior Director is presently heading Department of Electronics and Information Technology’s National Strategic programme ‘Technology Development for Indian Languages’. She is member of various international Standardization bodies ISO, UNICODE, W3C and ELRA. She is instrumental in getting all 22 officially recognized languages including Vedic Sanskrit incorporated in UNICODE. Ms. Swaran Lata has a very vast and in depth experience towards proliferation of Indian Language solutions, Key role in initiating mission mode consortium projects in the area of Development of English-Hindi Machine Translation system and Indian language to Indian language Machine Translation System, Optical Character Recognition System etc, and leading the activity of Internationalization requirements in W3C standards, Member of W3C Consortium’s “Global Vision Task Force”
Contact No 9840081514
E-mail mca@hindustanuniv.ac.in
Area of Interest Machine translation,Named Entity Recognition,Information Retrieval, Parts of speech tagging,Speech processing
Domain of Expertise Research Areas
Experience 20 Years
Qualification Ph.D
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Last Updated on : 27 December, 2013
Mr. Vidyanand Balkrishna Ogale
Address Flat No.7, Shirish Apartments, Plot No.66, Farm Land, Ramdaspeth
Contact No 7038964436
E-mail vbogale48@gmail.com
Area of Interest English to Marathi Fully Automatic High Quality Machine Translation system developed by me. I have been working since 1992 for last 23 years. A speed ranging 10,000 words per minute has been achieved. Related links http://wwhttp://www.ehitavada.com/site.home/paper_type/13/date/2013-04-21/page_no/5 http://maharashtratimes.indiatimes.com/maharashtra/nagpur-vidarbha/English-to-Marathi-text/articleshow/38334416.cms The technique can be extended to Hindi and other regional languages.
Domain of Expertise Linguistic Resources & Tools
Others English to Marathi Machine Translation Sysyem
Experience 23 years
Qualification Advocate
Contribution Single handed achievement
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Last Updated on : 13 September, 2014